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You should do this as a Muslim when given a bad news

You should do this as a Muslim when given a bad news 

Brothers and sisters I share with you a particular Salah a type of prayer that many people are completely unaware of despite our need for it several times a day it was a solid a prayer that was performed by the prophet of Allah Ibrahim alayhi salaatu wa say 

You should do this as a Muslim when given a bad news

when his wife Sarah was taken away from him by a tyrant he knew exactly what he needed to do during this calamity Ibrahim Ali Hassan ought to still have started to pray calling upon his Lord during a Salah and Allah Almighty did not let him down in fact Sarah

would come back to him from the tyrant unharmed during his silence Oh hon Allah this is the same Salah prayer which was carried out by the prophet of Allah Zechariah alehissalaam when he wished for a child despite all of the odds being against him he was an

old man his wife was aging and she herself was barren and again it was the knee-jerk reaction of the prophet of Allah Zechariah to go down and to pray to Allah Subhanahu WA Ta'ala so what was the outcome

fanatical Malaika to Oaxaca amano-san leaf in maja and Allah who Bushido Kabir hyah Allah said so the angels called him as he stood in prayer within the sanctuary that Allah Almighty gives you the good

news of Yahia confirming a word from Allah and honorable unchanged and a prophet from the good ones he received this good news when after saw that no during the salah that we are speaking about Sohan

allah it was their comfort and it was their first port of call it's also the prayer that was performed by doraid the worshiper who was falsely accused of adultery and realizing the weight of the calamity that he was in he requested a moment from their people to pray to

You should do this as a Muslim when given a bad news

Allah subhana WA Ta'ala then he requested to see the

baby he poked him in his belly and he asked the newborn who is your father the baby miraculously responded by saying my father is seven so the Shepherd this became the end of the ordeal of george w ba again notice so Han Allah how the very first port

of call for Jorah it was what was prayer in fact in the life of the greatest of them all prophet muhammad sallallahu aleyhi wa salem his immediate go-to was salah as how they for ammonium and he said can a

little fuzzy on in a sauna whenever the prophet sallallaahu I mean who said the most distressed by a matter he would rush to Salah he would rush to Sonia this is the prayer which you carry out dear brother

dear sister at the very scene and at the very moment of a difficult situation that happens in your life savings that have disappeared the loved one who passes away AHA breaking and distressing diagnosis at the doctor's a defamatory piece against you by a

newspaper or any media outlet an exam that was failed an opportunity that was lost Salah in fact in one of the most inspiring descriptions of Salah prayer that one could ever come across from the words of a scholar are the words of Imam Ibrahim listen to this

long list of benefits that he says comes with Salah he said "assalatu modular burton rissalah" is a Reaper of provisions have forgotten this society a preserver of health they are Fiat on the other an opposer and remover of harm not Rada tone will add web a repellent of illnesses Nadia - I'll be strengthening of

the heart mobile a Latin language illuminator of the face Mafra hatun Lynn FC a giver of joy to the soul Madiba Tyndall Castle a removal of laziness Mona Shiva - lil Jawara an energy giver and a stimulant to the limbs mu media - lil a supplier of strength

shariatullah soldering a provider of happiness and inner expanse motivated Leo he nourishes of the soul Munna will atone link will be an illuminator of the heart have forgotten linearity a preserver of blessings they are eliminating a repellent of punishments Jenny Burton Lynn barakatuh and a bringer of blessings

movie idea - min ash-shaytani as well as a means of distance from Shaitaan no Corey Burton menorah hammer and a means of closeness to Allah Subhan Allah have you ever heard of anything that brings about so many benefits like what you just heard these

are the worldly benefits of slack let alone the Hereafter then even pay him he said well Belgium naughty fella had that fear on a g1 fearfully hurting bad anyone I'll be what he said generally speaking

solar has tremendous effects with respect to both the preservation and the strengthening of body and heart he said whether from a lower their body a tea and come back as well as very strong properties in repelling evil matches from both of them body and

heart and then he said beautiful words in fact he said any two individuals who are tested with an impairment of some sort or an illness or a trial or a calamity the one who prays more will end up suffering less and his outcome will end up better than the one who prays

less from us to spiritual or dunya while Akira Wallis to delimit masala higuma limitless wanna and he said in reality there is no better and more effective way in repelling the evils of life and the evils of the after life and in reaping the benefits of them both then through Salah was saluted Anakin no Sanada so that'll mean

lack he said the secret of list of this lies in the fact that Salah is a connection between man and his Lord while utterance laylatul ibrb he took the highly hit minister Atiyah babu ha and according to how strong a person's connection is with his Lord will the doors of

goodness open up for him and accordingly will the means for evil be cut off from him today therefore is a perfect opportunity to incorporate this act of worship that we have just spoken about the next time you for example are horrified by any type of news that has

conveyed to you roll out your prayer mat pray two units pray for units prolong your prostration and share the very neat also how you feel to allah subhanahu wa'ta'ala and realize that a life where every possible

calamity is manageable that's not just a dream with this type of Salah a retreat of a Salah being available it's a reality on la subasta Hanabusa Moreno Salah seek help through patience and through Salah.


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