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Mind improvement rules [part1]

Mind improvement rules [part1]

hey! overcome the number one challenge that is holding you back a lack of belief in yourself you watch these articles because you know there's something greater inside you too you've got michael jordan level talent

at something so today let's live your best believe life and learn the simple brain hacks to beat procrastination okay let's kick it off with

Rule number one
use the five second rule with mel robbins if you're in a situation where you should do something and the excuses roll in you only have five seconds before the excuses win yeah that's it and it has to do with how your brain is designed and so i started seeing this five second window everywhere

everywhere you walk into a networking meeting and the five-second window is right there because you look around and you see all these people you should talk to and you feel yourself freeze five four three two one and you can

Lets start walking
if you're trying to sell something the five second window's always there because you either have a phone you need to pick up and make a phone call or you have a person you need to talk to but instead of doing it that five second window's right there and the excuses roll in and then you're not doing it

yep and so we talk ourselves out of it right after five seconds like why not to do it all the time and then it's even more sophisticated than that is which which is what i discovered and what's more sophisticated about it is that

you have two modes to your brain you have the prefrontal cortex which is the mode of your brain it's the front part of your brain that does all your strategic planning your decision making your not all your decision making that's

wrong it does your intentional decision making conscious decision making it's what you're using when you're acting with courage it's what you're using when you are learning anything new if you've

ever taken a standardized test when you walk out of a standardized test what do you have you have a freaking headache because you've been using this part of your brain that's the one part the other part is
the interior part of your brain which automates everything it's where

self-doubt is it's where habits are it's where automated decision making is it's where every negative that we do it's stuck right here so what the five second rule is actually doing on a very sophisticated level is it's switching off this part and
awakening the part that gives you control and so

the problem with our excuses if you want to get into the brain science is that if you start to think and you start to think i feel tired or i don't want to or i'm too
stressed out or now's not the right time that becomes automatic and it gets encoded right here so part of the

problem with our excuses is that when you stop and think and hesitate you trigger your brain to automatically talk you out of it that's the problem it's not the excuses it's that your brain has done it over and over and now it

takes over right so i invented the world's um most powerful cheat code for the brain one night when i was drunk sitting in my living room watching television

Rule number two
discipline yourself with eric thomas yo e you got to discipline yourself i started looking at mother teresa of gandhi and i was like yo bro gandhi would go fast from sex and he was married he would fast from talking you know i just started watching these great

people and i was like oh these people fast and not about fast and like that's not the piece but they were very disciplined people and they would not allow their exterior world to dominate or destroy their internal world i just like yo i want to get to a place where i can control me my family members have

grown i lost the uncle who cirrhosis of the liver brilliant man but just drinking drinking drinking and i was like yo i do not want to my father was a substance abuser for years i was like yo i don't want a life where something else is controlling me you know like for real when i left home and said i don't want to be controlled

no more like i meant that like i don't want nothing to control me but me and so i got to put myself under extreme discipline to make sure i'm free so when people see me you get up at three you don't drink you don't smoke i'm not doing that because i think i'm
better nobody else or i think you're gonna go to hell cause you had a dream

i just want i wanna control i want freedom and for me disciplining myself means more freedom and the less i you discipline yourself people who uh i told my son the other day i was like yo son i don't not want you to have

fun i just seen a history of people who just have fun christmas thanksgiving halloween new year they're the people thursday night friday night oh man every night they're the people who end up in their 20s having a great deal of fun but in their 40s and 50s they working for somebody um and i'm not

saying nothing wrong with cleaning toilets but they doing something they don't want to do for the rest of their life and they can't retire because they played so much you know so for me i just look at venison serena michael jackson when he used to like five and six just

dancing all night i just think the more man discipline himself the greater it doesn't mean it's gonna happen but the greater the probability that he has this sense of freedom 

rule number three
project plan with brendan burchard you're more likely to do something if

you have already prepared and stepped it through
you're already more likely to do something if you already prepared and stepped it through what does that mean it means if you want to not procrastinate on monday sunday night i want you to sit down and do this simple little thing project plan i know it's not sexy

please don't make fun of me right now it's not sexy i know it's not sexy and it will change your life forever the day before the days in which it's required that you
really get stuff done i want you to sit down and project plan i don't mean tomorrow write down your to-do lists
that is one element of project planning

but i want a bigger picture i want you to be thinking about the big projects that you have coming up and i want you to have written out these steps that it's going to take the big steps that we'll take to accomplish this project and this project and this project with a timeline for each of them and then work backwards from that to create tomorrow's to-do lists

but here's what's funny if listen this if your mind can't see completion if your mind cannot see completion meaning you don't know the path you don't have clarity on the path to fulfill or complete something

if your mind can't see the steps your heart will ask to pause if your mind can't see the project through the completion your heart will ask to pause even if you're the most passionate dream oriented amazing high performer in the world but

you yank away someone's clarity you know no goals no growth no clarity no change and so if you find yourself procrastinating it might not even you might be like but brandon i hate myself i procrastinate

and i even know the next three things i should do i go not enough knowing your next three steps is not enough your mind needs to see all the steps

through to completion and that's what we call project planning it's not super fun but it's saying okay this is the big project here are the big key activities the big buckets of activities that would have to happen to get it done here's the timelines those big buckets have to happen okay then these big

buckets of activities those have to be broken down into tasks and then into ultimately daily to dose and if we don't have that like it's just hard to act when you don't have a complete picture right you're kind of like uh

procrastinating let me give you a metaphor you know uh they've timed people about how long it takes them to complete a puzzle so if i show up at your house and i give you a big puzzle box and there's 400 pieces in it and we set it out on your table and we watch how long different time

periods takes to complete it you know the fastest most productive time in which people are putting puzzles together the last 20 percent if you've ever done a puzzle right you might walk by it three four times

for a couple weeks you don't do anything you you put a few pieces together but as soon as the picture becomes a little more clear guess what you do you hunker down and you complete it don't you that's what's going on procrastination

even if you see the first couple pieces it's just like if you can't see where it's going your your heart will go pause i'm unsure i'm scared i don't know what to do that's just how we think right that part of our brain that is trying to protect us that part

of our heart that says i want to do good i want to
care for other people and do things with excellence
all of a sudden those are compromised when we don't do the most basic thing so if there's an important project

you've been procrastinating in do yourself the greatest gift i can give you today and that is tonight sit down with your journal and step it all the way out even if you have to

make it up even if you're like i'm not sure this is actually the big activities it it's not about having the perfect project plan it's having one that is completed at least the knowledge you know now

because then your brain go okay let's get into this and keep making this thing better but your brain won't get into it if you haven't project planned so this is really important

what i do to avoid procrastination each week is every single sunday for me that's my sunday review days sunday work days i'll sit down and i'll literally step through the entire week of all the major things on my email or on

my to-do list i'll think about the bigger projects and i'll just kind of step it all the way through and guess what i enter the weak more engaged more joyous and confident because i know what the heck is going on so if you keep procrastinating i promise

if it's not lots of worry or it's not you know lots of randomness it's you haven't seen it through yet my friend evan carmichael's book listen humans are built to serve

some people are built to serve the world others want to serve the 25 people closest to them but in either case humans are built to serve so if you're not happy right now it's because you're not serving enough you got to pick up this book because

it's so inspiring to remind you that we're all here to contribute to make a difference to make an impact and this is your field guide for that

Rule number four
think like a high performer with dan pena i used to be a big weightlifter and the uh but uh the uh i used what i used to warm up with now is what i lift now because i'm you know i'm about 50 weaker than i was uh back in my heyday uh 20 some years ago um but we have a gym

here we actually have two gyms uh the um but um the the kids today find uh reasons or they find things to do to really procrastinate and not take action it's uh but you gotta love or you gotta have a passion for what you do if you don't you know um it gets tired alistair cook the great

presenter bbc presenter told me about i don't know 30 35 years ago being a professional being a high performance professional is being able to do your very best when you don't feel like it okay when you don't okay and uh

and and i've had days not every day uh do i i wanna speak uh when i'm at the university the oxford university edinburgh or whatever but they don't know it as far as they are concerned i look like you know i was i was born for that night and uh the uh and so but i was taught

high performance people don't leave anything on the stage yeah and athletic endeavors i never left anything on on uh on the field in uh public speaking uh i don't leave anything on the stage i'm fully spent in each day

Rule number five
Find your motivation with tai lopez most people procrastinate because they don't feel confident that the what they're doing really motivates them if it really motivates motivated you it would you wouldn't procrastinate it's like a 14 year old kid that the mom and dad can't get the kid to do anything but the kids motivated play video games

kid will ride his bike across town to buy a video game and come back like so there's motivation there the parents just don't know how to find it and as you grow you have to know how to find deep within yourself that motivation and once you have motivation you have no problem with procrastination and rule number six the last one before very special bonus clip is practice willpower with robin sharma a lot of people ask me how can i build

world-class willpower how can i be procrastination simple idea and you know this which is how do you get good at anything you practice so willpower self-discipline is a muscle and if you want to build a muscle you need to flex it stretch it go to your edges and practice daily so how do you become iconic in terms of self-discipline it's a

practice and the more you practice the better it'll get the more consistent you are the more masterful you will become so practicing unprocrastinating every day will make you legendary at beating procrastination.


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