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How a youtuber struggle to get success?

How a youtuber struggle to get success?

It's the most asked questions every people want to know about it, that how much a youtuber struggle to get success and also i will give you some suggestions if you want to go on youtube or your a small creator on youtube, these will help you to be positive with your work. i am sharing my experience because I am also a youtuber and another thing how youtuber some time get disappointed and again get inspire.

How a youtuber struggle to get success?

Everyone come on youtube to earn money from youtube but everyone does not get succeeded because everyone is not same and everyone never give up again and again, because youtube is a long journey here you need to spend your time if you want to generate a good income and want to be famous here. Remember a youtuber is not always happy and motivated but however a youtuber always try to motivate their self with his/her work doing on youtube, now the question is why a youtuber is always not happy and motivated?

It's because some time they think that the work he/she is doing not that much good so he/she is not getting more views but actually it is a wrong concept because at begging you will need to face the difficulty if you want to be a successful youtuber,if you will start a new channel on youtube you will not get views as some one started a channel 3 years ago, so the first thing you need to keep in your mind is you need to upload videos and slowly gradually your views and subscribe will get increased. You will never get success if you upload a video then say i am not getting more views and subscriber so i can't work more.

Minimum time to be a successful youtuber

It's not mentioned in youtube privacy and no one can say you that how much time you need to get success it only depends upon you that how much unique content your providing not only unique but also the niche, whether it's popular or not here i will just give you simple example.

Let's consider me and you started 2 channel your channel is based on gaming tips and game play (Trending Now) and My channel is based on tech (Not on Trending) you daily upload videos and i also but your uploading on gaming i am on tech so more chances of getting viral you have and you can get success earlier now reason is because your channel were on Trending topic already so if you're thinking to go on youtube so choose a trending topic i am not saying only to choose gaming also see your interest on which you feel comfortable. Because in youtube people like those who can do something good mean if you choose gaming there should be something special in you that force people to be attached with you.


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