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How to use pixelab To Create a Youtube Thumbnail - PixelLab Begnire Guide

How to use pixelab To Create a Youtube Thumbnail - PixelLab Begnire Guide

f you're a youtuber but you don't have pc to edit your youtube thumbnail here i inform you that you can also create amazing thumbnails on your smartphone in just 5 minutes this is possible by using pixellab which may you already know, but you don't know how to use it to create a youtube thumbnail and which tools are more important to create a thumbnail.

How to use pixelab To Create a Youtube Thumbnail - PixelLab Begnire Guide

 So if you want to create a thumbnail for youtube first go on pixellab and open the section mentioned on image and select the size, Click on "image size" to select youtube thumbnail and click on ok to set it.

How to use pixelab To Create a Youtube Thumbnail - PixelLab Begnire Guide

Now on same section you will see "colour, Transparent, image, image from Gallery "

By clicking on the section you can select a background colour for your thumbnail .

By clicking on it no background will be there on thumbnail, it's often use while making a png picture.

In this section some rendom images are given which you can use as a background of your thumbnail.

Image from Gallery
In this section you can choose a image from your gallery for background.

Now it depends upon you which background you like to be in your thumbnail. After this we move on middle section as mentioned on image.

How to use pixelab To Create a Youtube Thumbnail - PixelLab Begnire Guide

From this section you can import a image, put stickers, draw on page, apply shapes and also use arrow as i always import images while making my video's thumbnail, As you import a image you will see many tools on your image section Like "Reselect,Delete, Crop, copy, to front, to back, position, relative position, relative size, colour, texture, opacity, colour filter, stroke, eraser, mask, erase colour, rotate, 3d rotate, 3d shape, perspective, shadow, inner shadow, emboss" now have look on what these are for? We will see all the tool in detail one by one.

1. Reselect
This option is given if you don't like the image and want to replace that, mean instead of that you can select another image.
2. Delete
If you want to delete an image from there just tape on the image and then click on delete.
3. Crop
With this option you can manage the size of image in simple way you can crop the image.
4. To front
If you select too many images on the screen so this option will help you to bring the image in front of all image if your image is behind a sticker or another image but you want to show your image on top for that you need to click on two front your image will come on.
5. To back
This option will help you to send any image to back as to front bring it Front it send image on back.
This is a very useful thing It helps you to move your image where you feel that you image is not on comfortable place. You can't do that with your hand because you can not perfectly placed that but by using this option you can perfectly place your image
7. Relative position
This option is used if you want to to bring your image on full medal or on left or right yeah you can do that in one tape
8. Relative Size
This is the option where you you can increase or decrease the size of image.
9. Colour
This will convert your image on a particular colour your image will not be visible
10. Texture
This is a good future if you apply shapes you can to design them with this option it will help you to bring a image from your gallery and paste that image on a simple shape.
This option is to decrease the visibility of an image.
12.Colour Filters
This option is there to increase the brightness or decrease the brightness of image or you can colorize your image with this feature.
13. Stroke
If you want to put a line on your image stroke will help you to do that.
14. Eraser
This option is there if you want to remove anything from your image you can save to do that with this option.

15. Mask

Mask will help you to generate random shapes which you want to insert on your image for design.

16. Rotate

this is the option very can easily rotate your image in one second.

17. 3d Rotate

3D rotate will help you to rotate your images as a 3D. image

18. Perspective

This feature is very useful if you make banner.

19. Shadow

Enabling this option will show a small Shadow behind your image.

20. Inner shadow

Inner shadow will bring a shadow inside your image.

21. Emboss

It make image so smooth as a 3D material.
I hope now you know about every feature of pixelLab but still there are many features in this app we are going to discuss those all on our next upcoming articles. One thing you need to remember that all the tools are very useful and very important while creating a useful and attractive thumbnail before we go to the next article you need to memorize these all tools for creating a better thumbnail for YouTube.


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