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A Motivation topic on legacy

A Motivation topic on legacy

You got a legacy power your name, a legacy is something that is passed down it is your mark it is your footprint in the earth it is your contribution to the world your legacy is something that is passed down you are leaving a legacy whether you want to or not

A Motivation topic on legacy

everybody in this room is gonna leave a legacy the question is are you gonna be intentional about the legacy, you're leaving I don't care about legacy I'm single I don't care about legacy and I have no kids I

don't care about legacy my family never cared about me I don't care about them my life is my own why do I need to even think about legacy well here's the thing I have to say to you the thing you need to know is this you are leaving a legacy whether you want to or not are you actually going to be intentional or you just

gonna let anything be passed down anything be given to others on your behalf some of us live a life that stunk so bad and many of you are paying a price for a life that you didn't live but somebody live before you and they handed you down a name or a life that stunk so bad that now you got to pay forever for and I'm

here to let you know stop giving people this dirty nasty stinky life why don't you build a legacy so when somebody came into the car of your life they want to say thank you instead of I can't believe what you did to me everybody here has struggled with an

addiction that's not yours it was an addiction that your family didn't deal with it was an addiction at your father just overlooked and so it got passed down to you and now you struggle with this addiction but truthfully if you track the addiction your father had it

and your grandfather had it and your great-grandmother had and your whole family had it and because they didn't deal with it because they want baking legacy now you're driving in a car that you gotta pay for ain't gotta say the buck stops here this is

it cookie in the earth because you're my best stop some stuff what if I told you that your blessing is attached to your name that part of the reason why you're not wealthy yet and could you keep trying to make your launder wealthy you keep trying to make you wealthy what if you made Johnson's we'll see

what if you started thinking about your kids what you started thinking about your legacy because now you're not just thinking about you you're thinking Kingdom I don't know what my name is before I got here but I know it's gonna be before I leave you are passing something down whether you want to or not I know

people who went to go buy a house and when they went to go buy a house they saw their credit report and the credit score was so jacked up and when they saw the report they realized that mama had gave out their social security number to the whole family and

everybody doesn't read it stuff and then pay back and everybody had electric bills and cell phones they don't even exist no more why because somebody didn't care about legacy and they handed you a bill and now you can't walk in came in not because of your issues but because some issues that were passed down god

forbid you are sitting in this place in I don't care about legacy you need to care about it because somebody's got to live in the life you have there are some people who are attached to you who saying mama can you do something with this name there there's some

people are saying can you do something with this name maybe God gave you the name to change and reverse some of the stuff that the name meant one day I wish there was some - ring let's say my name I need one thing right now but I promise out that today this thing's getting ready to change my last name I'm

here to let you know you are us break up the beacon kingdom you are not just getting married you breaking the curse you not just graduated technology you breaking the curse you are not just getting out of high speed you breaking the curse you are not just saying

you're breaking the cars and everybody around you is about to be blessed because we're getting ready to do [Music] and I'm telling you that you are going to have to look actual life and recognize that everything you are doing right now is having major and great impact if you're gonna leave a legacy you're gonna have to

remember how you started but focus on how you finish legacy is built now but experience the leader if you are going to leave a legacy you got to start building now I'm talking to college students okay don't don't wait or when I graduate that's four years I'm just

gonna live it up and then when I graduate when I graduate I'm gonna be free I'm gonna get serious about my life can I tell you something I know forty year olds who are living under the consequence of things they did from eighteen to twenty-two and they

thought that when they left school that they left the issue not realizing that the issue followed them all the way into their adulthood I'm telling you that right now you are a building right now you have to start building your life now you got to start building credit now you

got to start building your finances now you got to think like a farmer a farmer thinks sewing I'm sowing seeds realizing that I'm not gonna reap this until later your last name is bigger than your first name I don't care how you got your name but you need to be living

for your last name your first name is about you but your last name is about us McDonald's is a last name Abercrombie & Fitch last names Armani is a last name baskin-robbins is a last name Chrysler is a last name fisher-price Gucci Hennessy harley-davidson Hilton

Honda clothes Kraft Foods Lowe's movie theater Marriott is a last name may balk is a last name Nordstrom is the last name Pillsbury is a last name Porsche is the last name Procter & Gamble two last names rolls-royce Charles rolls Henry Royce last

names Turner broadcast system Ted Turner last name Versace last name Wells Fargo Henry Wells William Fargo last name Walgreens last name Wrigley's last name Welch's grape juice last name here you are you figure buy the product you are not buying a product you buy the name you think you're

wearing a product head look at this product know you see it look at this family and what you don't know is why you make it every family rich you making yourself broke so you don't went to one family car Wells Fargo and got $200,000 so you can go to another family car Rolls Royce get the money get yourself a car so you

can go back to the hood and see the Joneses and say look at what I got meanwhile well so far go that family sitting up being rich and Harley Davidson Rose wasn't being rich and the choices are sitting there holding up

people stop saying look at what we get every bro legacy there's power in your name power your name you.


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