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when do you think you got enough you don't have enough there's no don't know enough i don't have enough because it's not over it's not over it's not over that's what changed the entire destiny of my family wow was that my grandma 30 with no college education


working at gimbal's department store milwaukee wisconsin got tired of being poor anybody watching go look at any money book look at chapter one you know what they tell you to do in chapter one of any book wanna be happy build a life not just a business

hey the number one challenge that is holding you back a lack of belief in yourself you watch these videos because you know there's something greater inside you too you've got michael jordan level talent at something so today let's live your best believe life

and learn the five money habits behind every rich person okay let's kick it off with

Rule number one

obtain knowledge with kevin hart i know you're rich as fuck like when when do you think you got enough you don't have enough there's nobody enough i don't have enough because it's not over it's not over it's not over so you know when when you put a cap on it you're

putting a punctuation to it and the the the ambition comes from seeing what's out there that can be obtained you know when you see what's out there like what can you mean physical things like when you see what's out there when you see where people are really gaining wealth and knowledge from okay the business relationships that you're able to acquire

the people that you're able to partner with and create certain things different revenue streams what i found is as a young black guy from north philadelphia the biggest problem with the biggest problem within our community his knowledge

we don't know debt debt is welcomed because it's celebrated that's all we know hey nah i'm get that credit card i'm gonna get that credit card up and it is what it is they got to figure that out i ain't got it after that yeah well you know what i'm getting

student loans they gave it to me then after that there's what it is i'm figured out i put a cable bill your name you put it in my name we can switch it up whatever they do it then let's just put it in somebody else's name

it's welcome the hustle is welcome the knowledge of banks and what you can do or can't do is is you don't even get it because you go to check cash in places the reason why you go to check cash

please because i don't want to go

through that bank don't trust that go right there to check cash please let me get mine let me get mine now take 30 whatever let me get it the knowledge isn't given so it's not till you obtain that

knowledge and understanding that you go oh shit oh this is why you put money up oh this is this is how you increase versus decrease oh this is how you earn on your money oh wow i can gain wealth by investing in what

the stock world is what how many people partake in the stock world and is there a part that isn't necessarily gambling is there a low risk part these that's not the information isn't

there right so it's not so i got to a certain level and a certain group of people where i got it and now that i got it i want to give it so now i'm going to give it i'm going to give it to the people that i don't need it most

and for me that younger generation of black people that don't understand the cool thing is in financial longevity not in the now it's not in the moment for jewelry not in the moment for the car it's in the longevity it's in buildings

so at the end of the day you can say look at what i have look at what i worked for look at what i have that's mine monopoly is real but you have to have the financial understanding as you get older you learn this you learn it and and you know it's such a thing when

you talk about um black versus white you know a lot of people do that and and rightfully so like there is racism racism exists i'm not unaware of that but there is a high volume of it that's that's non-existent to people that are

good people and when you can merge yourself with good people and follow the paths that you see that these good successful people have taken you then become a part of a world and group that nobody expected you to be in so for me i now have the position to do

that and take all of these relationships and all this knowledge and take it back to the people that need it most i like to share i don't want it all by myself

rule number two
Take control of your money with ramit safety so we grow up with these things i call invisible scripts and these are the scripts that are beliefs that are so powerful we don't even realize that they're they're around us that's why

they're invisible so a classic one in america is the american dream is buying a house where did that come from and in fact there's all these phrases that people use like you're throwing money away on rent they don't make more land you know and on

and on if you really deconstruct that and you actually run the numbers you might discover that actually buying a house is often not the best investment and this is super counter-intuitive people get really mad because real estate is religion in america

but if you actually dive in deep you might discover wow there's a lot of parties who want me to spend a ton of money that's why for example i could buy today but i rent and when

people hear that they're like wait i thought i will teach you to be rich guys rich so why is he renting they get very confused because real estate is religion you know another thing that is um really common today for people is there's no way to

get ahead right especially for young people social security won't be around et cetera et cetera and i just don't believe in that i think if you go on to reddit or you go on to these places where it's a it's a lot of people who are um disaffected young people they create an

echo chamber of other people who want to victimize themselves then you have a choice do you want to be reading those threads or like i was reading the comments on your youtube videos i was like these are the best youtube comments i've ever seen people are positive

constructive they're pointing out things they saw in the 32nd minute of the video meaning they actually watch the whole thing those are the kind of people that i want people to be around so it's not impossible to make money there's actually a lot of people making

it's not impossible to get ahead pay off debt even invest and grow there's a lot of people doing it but if you're surrounded by people who constantly complain about how difficult it is and it's impossible guess what you're going to absorb those invisible scripts i had a woman who wrote me and she said

ramit can you help me convince my husband not to waste money and i go okay what what's going on she
goes he spends so much money on iced tea and i was like here we go i go how much money and she goes he buys iced tea 20 times a month like almost every day i said how much is this iced tea

she said it's a dollar fifty each time so in my head i'm like this is insane like why are we even talking about this but i knew there's something here so i want to unpack it i said out of curiosity what's your household income no response for 20 minutes okay and then finally she comes back she goes

i'm not comfortable sharing that i said just give me a range okay what do you think her and her husband's household income is i know the story i i would have guessed otherwise 80 000 like a nice 600 000 and the this is a perfect

like rationally and logically we should literally not be talking about this because it's a rounding error but there's something going on in her

belief system that made her fixate on iced tea and so for anybody whether it's iced tea or whether it's you know lattes is a classic example everybody tells you not to spend money i'm like that's the worst advice ever buy as many lattes as you want or some people they just love for

example clothes right i like clothes they love it but everybody around them has told them things like that's shallow that's a waste of money you should invest in your roth ira and so what do they do all of us we're torn apart because we live in a paradoxical society

that is both puritanical telling us we should retreat into a cave and do nothing but then we go on instagram and everyone's in bora bora where it's ridiculous and so what do we do we just buy everything and then we feel guilty it's the worst possible response so what i do is first i say

what do you love spending money on love and nobody talks about this they always say oh let me see your budget you're overspending and everyone's just like ah forget this i'll never come on here and berate someone for their spending because i've seen it all when they

talk about what they love then i say what would it feel like to be able to spend two times or four times as much on that people have never thought like that then once we start from a place of aspiration of what

do we want let's work through the mechanics of how to get there really fast define a rich life for people because i think that's going to be a key component to this whole discussion well it's different for everyone

my rich life early on was to be able to go to a restaurant and order appetizers because i never did it when i was a kid like ever we would go and we'd eat out once every four to six weeks if we had a coupon and we would like share two cokes with

the whole family and we would never order appetizers so i was like i'm gonna do it and then the next dream for me was to be able to hop in a taxi if i lived in new york during the summer without having to take the train and sweat before a meeting now my dreams got

bigger and there's a variety of things that are my rich life but everybody's is different so some people i have people in my book they're like i use your book my wife and i retired at 35 and 36 we drive around in an rv

i don't want to drive around in an rv but he and his wife do and i love that so a rich life is what you define and when i ask people what's a rich life to you they usually say two things freedom which is a very nice word but

it's kind of generic and they say a number usually a million bucks and i say like freedom what is what is that to you and they're like i want to do whatever i want when i want and i'm like get specific you want to order appetizers do you want to do yoga at 3 p.m and that's where the conversation stops so if you're watching i want everyone to

think what is your rich life and take it from the clouds to the street i want to buy three different lululemon tank tops a month because i don't ever want to have to wear an old one whatever go as crazy as you want i want to travel for a month and i want to bring my

family with me great a rich life is different for everyone but is about your definition most of what you see with money is just this mathematical logical stuff and it sounds good and everyone's like oh yeah compound interest but then they go back to their day-to-day life which is like i want that sweater i know i should be doing this how come i'm not doing that i feel bad

close the book forget it and i want to take a really different approach a perfect example is if you look at any money book anybody watching go look at any money book look at chapter one you know what they tell you to do in chapter one of any book

fine let's find out how much you spent last month and people are like no thanks see you later they don't know how much they spent but they know it was bad and so if you actually understand human psychology you know that my goal is not to make you feel bad my goal is actually to show you

how money can be positive how you can live a rich life whatever you want so in chapter one of my book i said look we all use credit cards we all suck at using credit cards and we all hate credit cards let me show you how to beat them read these words off the page this battle tested script and you'll get your

fees refunded and you'll get all these perks you don't even know about people did they're like i don't know this indian guy is kind of weird i'll try it they pick up the phone even millennials who are afraid of using the phone they picked up the phone

they did it and they're like oh shit they're talking they call the bank they call them yes and like that they get a 35 fee refunded or they get some perk they never even knew existed and suddenly psychologically they go oh my god

i can take control of my money it's not all these huge concepts of retirement inheritance and all this stuff no

i called i got money back now i can do it so it's so important to be to be really incorporating your own

psychology when you think about money and part of that is what do i want where did i get these beliefs from whether it's a movie or a family friend and then what can i do today to start moving along and developing my

rich life also if you want to have confidence and motivation check out my 254 series they're free the links to join are in the description below everybody successful lays the blueprint out you laid the blueprint out i wanted to be really successful but not just to like get shoes i knew i wanted to make money because i wanted to make a difference the difference for me though is i look at failure as a stepping stone to success

it's a speed bump i know i'm going to fail but it's not failure if you learn something rule number three never say no to honest money with marie forleo never say no to honest money so here's what i mean by that the other day i was walking home from a video shoot right here in new york city and i have to say i was pretty fried i was like toast my head was down i had

this huge bag on my shoulder and i'm walking and i noticed a penny now it didn't register at first and i walked a few steps more and then i said whoa wait that was a penny back there so i turned around and i went back and i

picked it up now i have to be honest part of me feels like i should be embarrassed or you know i'm picking up money off the street is not pathetic but then thank goodness the wiser part of me said screw that that's money i'm gonna pick

it up that's because i have a little pact with myself i never say no to honest money and that includes honest abe i see you girl you're trying to pick me up i like it i am not too good to pick up a penny or a nickel or a dime

or whatever off the ground and whenever i notice money just laying there i pick it up and i say thank you this is awesome for me it's a reminder that the universe is always there to give me whatever i need and all it takes for me is to be

present to keep my eyes open and not be too good for the little things for you know the small blessings i think there's also something really humbling about honoring that loose change because you know about a billion people in this world live on

less than a dollar 25 a day so to just walk past money no matter what the amount seems incredibly arrogant and disrespectful so you may want to try this one out for yourself never say no to honest money if you see loose change scoop it up and say thank you rule

number four aim to become an owner with david bach on the game of monopoly you go past going you get a paycheck and if you just go around the properties and you land on them you pay rent right and you can't win the game monopoly unless

you buy one green home then two green homes and three green homes and four then a hotel right like you have to be an owner in the game of monopoly the ironic thing is that the game monopoly is a great lesson for all of us for life

yeah you have to own assets that make you money while you sleep that grow while you sleep and the challenge for most of america is that this stuff is not taught in school my grandmother when she started at 30 she had nothing and she used to

literally save 50 cents a week and put it in a coffee camp wow and at the end of the year she took that coffee count down to a brokerage firm and started investing in stocks that's what changed the entire destiny of my Family wow was that my grandmother 30 with no college education

working at gimbal's department store milwaukee wisconsin got tired of being poor there's some people watching today that are there right they're listening they're watching this or they're listening to this and they're tired of being poor my grandmother was frustrated

and she came home and said to my grandfather on her 30th birthday jack this is not working like and when you're the guy and you hear that you're like what do you mean this isn't working

and my grandfather said what's not working and she said we're broke we have any money and you know to my grandmother's credit she decided to do something about it and so she literally brown bagged her lunch

every day she brown bagged her lunch so she could save that money and go inveset and the way the story turns out lewis is my grandma thought my first book smart women finished rich was dedicated to her she didn't become rich overnight she

built wealth over her lifetime yeah i always say it's decades not days people who try to get rich quick stay broke long it's true like show me those banner ads on how to get rich quick and i'll show you a way to stay poor forever right so my

grandmother realized like you you invest in great american companies and you just keep investing and you leave it and you leave it and you leave it and she helped me buy me first stock at age seven at mcdonald's wow and that was seven years old it was

like she taught me she taught me three lessons about money at seven that to this day i still teach which i can share with you what's that so at seven we're sitting at mcdonald's and she says you know david you can get rich at mcdonald's

and i looked around my grandma i'm eating my you know my cheeseburger and my french fries and i have my apple pie i said what are you talking about and she's like i'm not getting a job here she's like see those people over there they're working for what's called minimum wage

and i think back then minimum wage was like a dollar nothing and she said it's very hard to make a living on minimum wage she said then there's people like you right now like all these people are coming here and they're eating and

they're spending money that's called a spender and she said then there's some people who own this place and owners get rich and she said and i love to play monopoly at seven that was my thing i go to my grandmother and she played monopoly with me and she said i'm gonna teach you how to play monopoly for real and she took me home that day she opened up the wall street journal

she circled mcd that's the symbol still to this day for mcdonald's and she said here's how much mcdonald's is she put me in front of a television screen and said watch ticker tape she taught me how to read that ticker tape

and she said just call out the price on mcd that's the price of mcdonald's and she said tomorrow i'll take you down our broker's firm will open up an account and you'll you'll buy one share that stock and then every time you go there you'll know you're making money from yourself wow that is a wow right and it's funny because i'm here in l.a with you but i

just went to disneyland two days ago with my son my son who's nine and disneyland did you buy disney i bought disney that was that was my second stop that's amazing so like literally at nine i'm at disney

with grandma and i'm like hey mickey are you guys public like you know because she taught me to think as a child like an investor now i'm doing the same thing with my kids now my kids don't want to own mcdonald's they want to own

shake shack right so my son owns shake shack right down the street right my younger son after disneyland is like i want to own disney his older brother owns disney it's doubled he's like well i want to own disney

my kids own amazon so you know they're they're learning like i learned now this stuff should be taught in school today this is the school right like today what we do is another way to teach

people so but those are simple lessons i just gave you yeah that were passed to me and we just did that in a matter of minutes and rule number five the last one before a very special bonus clip is invest smart with tony robbins what would you tell the startup entrepreneur

who maybe is just getting started or maybe still has a full-time job and it feel like every dollar that they're making they're just trying to build their business at the moment they haven't cashed out yet

should they be invested into the business should they still be saving some put into the market what would you tell that person i think you have to put something outside your business because what's the

number one rule of investing that even idiots understand don't pull all your eggs in one basket right and what did 90 of entrepreneurs do because of the illusion of control

they go i'm gonna put all my money in my business don't get me wrong it's still a great place for your money and for your time with your energy but you got to take a piece of what you earn and you got to bet on some other

entrepreneurs and get outside yourself specifically and if you look at you know somebody like warren buffett will tell you you know look he said my all my wealth is a result of

a couple things some good genes and compound interest and living in america so if all you do is get compound interest on your side the game changes you take a 19 year old kid that's got a little job and you say look i want you it sounds like a lot but i

want to put aside 300 a month let me show you why 300 bucks a month set aside throw it in the market average market return has been eight percent it's been 10 percent over 100 years but most recent you know 30 years eight percent

so let's say you get the average return and it compounds that kid who starts at 19 with 300 a month can stop at 27. he's only done it for eight years never put another dime in and he's only put in 24 or 28 000

but that'll grow to 1.8 million without putting another diamond that's the power of compounding 28 grand 1.8 million if his best friend starts at 27 when he quits and invests every single year all the way to 65 and he puts in the same 300 a month he

puts in 140 grand and at that time he's got 400 000 less money so it's not the amount of money it's the amount of time time is your greatest friend here and if you get in the game you're gonna win and you need to get in the game now not wait till your business is successful.


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